No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here… and we really mean it!

What is worship like?

Worship is that sacred space in the week when we connect with God and with one another. Each week, like most Protestant churches, we sing, read scripture, and pray. We also listen to amazing music from our music team and choir, enjoy children’s moments with our kiddos, and listen to a message from one of our pastors. Worship services are carefully and creatively curated by our pastors and worship team. On Christmas day, you might find slices of birthday cake passed around the sanctuary to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Or, you might arrive in August to find we’re worshiping in a local park that day. Because God is not a boy’s name, you might hear God referred to as our Great Parent or Mothering God, as well as Father. You might hear our choir sing Bob Marley and Bach in the same service or join with the congregation in blessing the name of for a transgender person in our church. Worship with us matters. It’s meaningful and helps make meaning in our lives. It’s new, yet familiar. Worship at Community UCC is renewing, relevant, and rejuvenating. We would love for you to experience it for yourselves.

Where to park

There is ample free parking. For most Sunday Services, the first option is to park in our church parking lot which is entered from the Daniel Street entrance. These parking spaces are rented out during the work week, but every spot in the parking lot is available to visitors on Sundays. Additional parking is available along the street on both Sixth and Daniel as parking meters are not enforced on Sunday. Finally, there are University of Illinois Parking structures on both the South and West sides of our property. These are available for general parking without charge on Sundays.

What do I wear to worship at Community UCC?

Whatever you want.

Children in worship

Children are always welcome in worship. Services include a children’s moment where the week’s message is adapted for a younger audience.

Sunday school takes place most Sundays during the service. The fourth Sunday of each month is our “Families in Worship” Sunday, so that our children can learn how to participate in worship with their families, aided by special bulletins and Worship Wonder Kits designed to help them follow the service.