Rev. Leah Robberts-Mosser

Since 2009, Rev. Leah Robberts-Mosser has served as Lead Pastor at Community UCC. Being a pastor is her passion, especially in a place like CUCC where our deep questions about faith are honored. She loves listening to people’s stories and connecting those stories to God’s ever-unfolding story in us. Leah lives with the other Rev. Robberts-Mosser, David, who is pastor of Trinity UCC in Westville, IL. Leah and David make their life in Urbana with their two daughters Chloe and Violet. When Leah isn’t pastoring, she reads poetry, practices yoga, loves to cook, and goes to her art studio to work on creative projects. You might also find Pastor Leah watching The Walking Dead. She blogs at



Director of Youth Ministries: Jessica Smiley –

Commissioned Minister of Congregational Health: Linda

Faith Community Nurse: Johnalene

Parish Associate: Rev. Connie

Music Director: Kathy Lee –

Organist/Pianist: Aaron Ames (interim)

Office Manager: Carla

Church Life Board
(Our Congregational Leaders)

UCC Campus Ministry Liaison:  Ilsa Kantola –

Children and Family: Julie McClure & Alison Anders

Clerk: Jeff

Community Building: Peg Wade & Randy Musser

Finance: Roger Wade (Treasurer) & David Willcox (Financial Secretary) –

Identity:  Keri Evans & Ramona Oswald

Mission: Jean Ward & Kristy Brownfield

Moderator: Erin Ewoldt
Incoming Moderator: Johnalene Radek
Past Moderator: Elizabeth Shack

Pastoral Relations: Cara Finnegan

Personnel: Anna Barnes

Sound & Ethical Practices: Open need co-chairs

Worship: Susan Pawlicki & Tina Cowsert