Rev. Leah Robberts-Mosser

Since 2009, Rev. Leah Robberts-Mosser has served as Lead Pastor at Community United Church of Christ, a Just-Peace, Theologically Progressive, LGBTQ+ Open and Affirming congregation located in the heart of the University of Illinois.  Being a pastor is her passion, especially in a place like CUCC where deep questions about faith are honored. She loves listening to people’s stories and connecting those stories to God’s ever-unfolding story in us. Leah lives with the other Rev. Robberts-Mosser, David, pastor of Trinity UCC in Westville, IL, and their children. She is a graduate of Hanover College and Chicago Theological Seminary, is currently working on a memoir, and is the co-host of the podcast Sex Positive God Pod: Progressive Pastors Answer Your Sex and Relationship Questions (



Director of Youth Ministries: OPEN

Commissioned Minister of Congregational Health: Linda

Faith Community Nurse: Johnalene

Parish Associate: Rev. Connie

Music Director: Kathy Lee –

Organist/Pianist: Aaron Ames (interim)

Office Manager: Carla

Church Life Board
(Our Congregational Leaders)

Moderator: Johnalene Radek
Incoming Moderator: Julie McClure
Past Moderator: Erin Ewoldt

Clerk: Jeff

UCC Campus Ministry Liaison:  Ilsa Kantola –

Community Building: Peg Wade

    • Care Team: Marilou Henrichs
    • Health and Wellness Team: Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker
    • Hospitality Team: Rocio (Ro) Arroyave-Jamison and Dennis Jamison

Finance: Roger Wade (Treasurer) & David Willcox (Financial Secretary) –

Identity:  Keri Evans & Ramona Oswald

Mission: Jean Ward & Kristy Brownfield

Children and Family: Brin Schuler & Alison Anders 

Worship: OPEN

Sound & Ethical Practices: Shane Brownfield

    • Buildings and Grounds Team: Tom Ward and Matthew Hart
    • Contracts and Insurance: Andrew McClure

Pastoral Relations: Cara Finnegan

Personnel: Stephen Kolderup