About the UCC

 Never put a period where God has placed a comma. – Gracie Allen

We took on this name in 1957 when Congregationalists and Dutch Reform denominations merged in a moment of ecumenical hopefulness and took the name of United Church of Christ in the belief that it would not be long before other Protestant denominations joined in. There are currently 5,194 congregations and adding new ones regularly as congregations find themselves drawn to our understanding of God’s Extravagant Welcome. Both of the original denominations were organized with power in the congregations, rather than in any national body.

We recognize no theological authority higher than individual conscience, but we also recognize that individual conscience is helpfully guided by the thoughtful tradition of those who have wrestled with questions of faith, ministry, and scripture in the past. As a national body, we live in the understanding that “God is Still Speaking”. For more, visit the national organization’s website.